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Science Corner



Molecule Set

Having difficulties visualising enantiomers? Want to re-enact your favorite reactions? Or simply wish to mess around with molecules? This is will be perfect for you! Open the box and be enthralled by the world of infinite possibilities! We’ve made a buckyball, a nanokid, and  tetrahedrane. What’s the craziest thing you can create?



Instructions: Just turn the crank and watch the LED light up without any batteries!

This mechanically powered flashlight is considered a green technology powered by cranking the handle as it is an electrical generator.The faster the crank is turned, the brighter the light obtained, demonstrating the conversion of different forms of energy.
Mechanical energy, provided by turning the crank, is converted into electrical energy used to power the light. This is analogous to Electrical generating stations ie. turbines

A dynamo torch, even though it’s a toy, works the same as mechanically powered flashlights (emergency usage).The dynamo (generator) looks like a small electric hobby motor. For an electric motor to run electrical power must be supplied, which makes the shaft of the motor turn. To use it as a generator, turn the motor shaft to generate electricity.


Wrigley’s fake chewing gum (electric shocker)

Instructions: Try to take out a piece of gum!

Explanation: An electric shock is observed when you pull the end of the chewing gum. Here is a schematic of the circuit diagram:


At rest, current flows continuously from the battery through resistor R1 into the capacitor C1. A capacitor is a device that stores electric potential energy, and it slowly charges up. When the end of the chewing gum is pulled, it closes the circuit at switch SW1. The charge in the capacitor is hence immediately released into the primary coil of the transformer L1. This transformer amplifies the voltage it receives. When current enters the primary coil, a magnetic field is generated in L1 which is “transferred” into the secondary coil. The secondary coil has many more turns than the primary coil, and the magnetic field induces the same e.m.f in each turn, hence the voltage is greatly amplified (and the current greatly decreased, conservation of energy). The burst of energy from the primary coil is transferred to the secondary coil and increased by a huge amount, allowing a small 8V from the battery to be amplified to approximately 1000V, creating the shock that we feel.

So why do we not die? This is because the high voltage is applied only for a short amount of time, and with very low current, hence the energy transfer into the body is safe. Step up the voltage 1000 times, and we got ourselves a taser.


Science Corner Challenge!


The Plasma Globe. One of the coolest science toys ever! Invented by Nikola Tesla, this cool science toy makes you like a light bender; “controlling” electricity using the force of your fingers! But have you ever thought about how the plasma globe works? Ever wondered what those writhing purple beams are? They are the plasma filaments that extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator. Place a finger tip on the globe and it creates an attractive spot for the energy to flow as the conductive human body is more easily polarized than the gas within the globe, hence providing an alternative discharge path with less resistance.
If you think you know how a Plasma Globe works, go to and stand a chance to win an exclusive 3D printed prize!




Do you like Monopoly? If so, you’ll LOVE Chemopoly! A brilliant twist on the typical and rather outdated Monopoly, Chemopoly replaces the “properties” in Monopoly with “elements”. Gather resources, obtain elements, and watch your laboratory inventory expand! Make deals, forge alliances…but whatever you do, avoid landing in remedial class!


More information can be found in the instructions booklet in the Chemopoly Box.


Molecule of the Week Challenge!
Guess the molecule that is inside the box! The best answer will get a mysterious 3D-printed prize! Go to now!