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Our mission:

To foster a cohesive and engaged scientific community in Hwa Chong

Our vision:

To develop a greater sense of appreciation for the Sciences among Hwa Chong students

Hwa Chong’s Students’ Science Research Club (SSRC) is active in the organisation of activities for fellow science enthusiasts, most notably the International Science Youth Forum @ Singapore (ISYF). Since its inception in 2009, ISYF has provided a platform for budding science talents from all over the world to engage in scientific discourse and cultural exchange. Some of the highlights of ISYF include the Amazing Race, Dialogues and Masterclasses with Nobel Laureates, visits to research institutions, the Team Project Challenge, Cultural Hour performances and the ISYF Grand Ceremony. In SSRC, all members will be part of the ISYF Organising Team and student facilitators during the event too!

Grand Ceremony Panel Discussion of ISYF 2023

SSRC aims to foster a cohesive and engaged research community. Apart from being passionate in their research, members are actively involved in participating in and organising activities on 3 different levels, the school, the community and the world. This allows them to forge close bonds with one another and share their passion for science to the wider community.