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Research Report Repository

A sizable portion of the SSRC intake each year do not have prior research experience. As a result, many students struggle to write their research paper and have no clue how to do so. Copies of past research papers written by seniors would hence be a blessing for these students, providing them with a model example to reference. Nonetheless, these papers are not readily available to research students, an area of concern which SSRC hopes to tackle.

Making all research papers written by seniors available to the juniors is unfeasible given that the issue of who has intellectual property rights over the research arises. Not all external mentors will be amicable to such an arrangement. The aforementioned complications render it impossible for direct provision of senior’s research papers to future batches and beyond. 

In order to circumvent this issue, interested juniors should directly contact the seniors and ask for a copy of their research paper should they need it. This will effectively absolve the school of the responsibility of any infringements on intellectual property rights. This programme, Research Report Repository, will facilitate communication between interested juniors and their seniors. Basic contact details such as the name, school email address and project title will be provided to all research students.